Capel Dridnod - Henllan (1905)

Mr Roberts also paid a visit to Capel Drindod, Cardiganshire, an endowed chapel on the estate of Sir Marteine O. M. Lloyd, Bart. He arrived at Henllan by the five p.m. train and nobody knew anything about his intention to come to the place, but soon a large number of people flocked into the chapel, whither he had immediately gone. It is interesting to recall that he had taken part in a revival here a few days before his appearance publicly at Loughor. The meeting was proceeded with, and the revivalist spoke on the duty of everyone to be ready to submit to the dictates of the Spirit. Popular revival hymns were sung and prayers were fervently offered. Mr. Evan Roberts proceeded to read several passages from Scripture, and while doing this he suddenly stopped and seemed to be greatly affected. He said, “’Dyw hi ddim yn glir yma” (“It is not clear here”). “There is someone here who is not at peace with his neighbour.” And afterwards, he said it was a man and not a woman. He told the man to pray and ask forgiveness of God. A short time after this quite a change was observed in the revivalist’s appearance. He smilingly said, “It is all right now,” and the congregation sang “Diolch Iddo.” Mr Roberts then proceeded to read the two verses he had omitted during this incident. The meeting was proceeded with, and at the request of the revivalist the congregation repeated the Lord’s Prayer in Welsh and in English. The meeting was terminated about 6.40pm, when Mr Evan Roberts and his lady helpers walked out. The crowd followed him and were very anxious to have him back again. He and several others proceeded to the residence of Captain Jones, where they remained singing and praying. The people returned to the chapel, where prayers were offered asking that Mr Evan Roberts should be directed back to them again. He had promised to return should the Spirit tell him to do so. Prayers were offered at the same time by a number of men in the house. However, at five minutes to eight the Rev. R. Roberts-Davies and others entered the chapel with the intelligence that Mr Roberts could not return. There had arrived now a large number of people in addition to those who were there at the first meeting, and the disappointment was a great one. A revival meeting was, however, held, and it lasted till 10.30 p.m.

From, 'The Western Mail', 17th March 1905.

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