Soar Baptist Chapel - Beaufort (1905)

Zoar Baptist Church, Beaufort, was crowded on Thursday afternoon - large numbers coming from Ebbw Vale and Brynmawr—when Mr Sidnay Evans and Mr S Jenkins, the singing evangelists, opened a mission. For several weeks past prayer- meetings and special services have been held in the different churches, and large additions have been made to the membership, there being 86 at Zoar alone. On Thursday morning prayers were offered at the respective places of worship preparatory to the mission, which was opened with the greatest spirit in the afternoon, and amongst the many earnest supplications were heard appeals that the spirit of curiosity might be dispelled the meeting, and that the services held underground at local collieries might be greatly blessed. "Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow" was sung by the congregation. "Do you believe that?" followed the missioner. "Have you had any proofs?—Is there here a living monument of the fact?" "Here is one," readily came from the back. "Is that all?” "No," was the response of numerous voices, and the assembly broke forth into "Songs of Praises.”

The Missioner spoke at considerable length, referring chiefly to the duties incumbent upon all professing Christians. Yes, he had been a church member for many years—a nominal Churchman. He was quiet and passive because he had not known Jesus. As professing Christians, proceeded Mr Evans in his homely, conversational style, many had done nothing at all for Christ; if they had not, let them begin that afternoon. There were no doubt many Christians present who had never prayed in public or said one single word in public about the love of Christ. It was not sham, no; they were afraid of men. They wanted all such to come to the front. If Christ was worth loving He was worth doing something for. (Amens.) Prayers in Welsh and English followed—one for “a dear friend" and another for "one near and dear"—the fervency of the many appeals being received by the singing of well-known revival tunes. "You will reap whatsoever you sow" was touchingly rendered by a listener, which provided the theme for the missioner's appeal to declare for Christ. Again the congregation engaged in prayer for the saving, of souls and praise for those who surrendered themselves. There was an especially warm intercession on behalf of "our dear little Beaufort," and another for three young men in the gallery; while a female engaged in thanksgiving for the excellent reports, of the movement. The missioner remarked that there had been praying and singing that afternoon simply for the sake of doing so—Oh, whatever they did, do it for the glory of God, and worship Him in spirit and in truth. Several were converted. Mr Evans requested earnest prayers for the meeting in the evening, when

Bethel Presbyterian Church, Beaufort Hill, was packed to overflowing; and numbers expressed conversion during most earnest, enthusiastic proceedings.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 13th January 1905.

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