Capel Nebo (1905)

"People are flocking in crowds to hear Evan Lloyd Jones, who is said to be another Evan Roberts. He is barely 20 years old, and like Evan Roberts belongs to the working classes, being a quarryman employed in Nantlle Vale. He resides at Nebo, a village situate high on the mountainside. Moved in the first instance to take part in a revival meeting in his own village and chapel, he inspired the youth of the district to united prayer for the outpouring upon them of the Spirit. The next day, for the first time in his life, he ascended the pulpit, on this occasion at Talysarn, where a great revival meeting was being held in the Capel Mawr. At the close of the meeting, 28 conversions were recorded. This meeting was but the beginning of his mission. Since then he has been engaged daily in the numerous quarry villages in the Nantlle Vale, and, young as he is, he is everywhere accorded the lead. The young quarryman wields an extraordinary influence over the people, and crowded audiences are nightly attracted to his meetings."

6th January | Caernarvon Herald

"The Revival Meetings in the Nantlle Vale are assuming large proportions. All through the district meetings are held nightly, and large numbers join the churches. The result of the meetings at Nebo alone during the week has been the conversion of 28. The public houses are emptied, and one original old man at a meeting thanked God "there would be no compensation for heaven".

At Talysarn on Monday the meeting lasted until three o'clock in the morning. The whole village has been transformed. No swearing is heard in the streets, and there is no drunkenness."

7th January | North Wales Chronicle

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