Nazareth Baptist chapel - Bryncethin (1904)

'For several weeks past the Congregationalists, Methodists and Baptists have been holding united prayer meetings at Bryncethin. On Monday morning the prayer meeting was at the Baptist Chapel, which was crowded on the occasion. After singing a hymn and after a chapter had been read, the Rev E Lewis, instead of calling upon a brother to engage in prayer as usual, commenced to relate what he had seen and heard and felt at the revival meetings he had attended at Pontycymmer and elsewhere. It soon became evident that the Spirit had taken possession of the meeting. No sooner had he finished than a hymn was sung, and repeated over and over, then the meeting went on until nearly 9.30pm. All the hearers who were present expressed their readiness to receive Christ. Then the whole congregation turned out and marched down the street, through the village, to the Methodist Chapel, singing as they went. The service was continued at the Methodist Chapel with renewed favour for a considerable time.' From, 'The South Wales Daily News', November 1904. Successful meetings were held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at Brynmenyn, Bryncethin and Heolycyw. The services were characterised by deep religious fervour, and a number of converts were added to the churches. The revival has been going on for nine weeks and is growing in strength week by week. About 120 conversions have already been recorded.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 17th January 1905.

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