High Street Wesleyan Chapel - Blaina (1905)

The concluding meeting in connection with Mr Sidney Evans' visit to Blaina took place at the English Wesleyan Chapel. The building was crowded, and one of the most successful meetings of the movement realised. After praise and prayer and an appeal by the missioner not to quench the Spirit, a woman pleaded for the salvation of herself and neighbours. Mr S Jenkins, who accompanied Mr Evans, created a deep impression by his pathetic solos... Prayers Friday and a bass voice started, "Throw out the lifeline," in the chorus of which the congregation heartily joined. "Five have come home", said the missioner, who appealed once more, and names were given in quick succession, greeted with "Diolch Iddo" in rapturouss strains. A father, recognising his son in the audience, pathetically appealed, "Oh Davie, come on the right side," but a short time elapsed ere the young man responded to the touching appeal. A lad, a member of a local junior football side, surrendered, and in most earnest words pleaded for his companions who sat around him. The proceedings continued with unabashed zeal until nearly midnight and 130 were added to the roll of converts - about 160 in all as a result of the three meetings in Blaina.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 9th January 1905.

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