Calfaria Baptist Chapel - Clydach (1904)

Although Mr Evan Roberts himself may be said to be entering upon new ground, it is certain that the revival spirit had reached Swansea Valley, for the services held before the arrival of the missioner today were marked by fervour and enthusiasm. People had come trooping from various directions quite early in the day, and the presence of a few visitors from distant parts added interest to the proceedings. Even the morning services were held in at least, three chapels, and there was a large attendance at each. I attended a very remarkable meeting held in the afternoon in Calfaria Chapel. A young lady from Porth took a prominent part in the opening proceedings and there were evangelists present from Scotland and Ireland “to try to catch a spark from the Welsh revival,” to use their own phrase. These asked for special prayers for their respective countries, and the appeals were promptly responded to. One of the visitors, a minister from Suffolk. asked for prayers for East Anglia, and this appeal also was responded to with fervour. The two Scotch evangelists sang a Scottish hymn. The hymn-singing was warm and the prayers fervent. The English prayers were particularly striking in a district which is so overwhelmingly Welsh in character, and one of these was so persistent and powerful that it actually broke down the singing of the whole congregation although the praying voice was that of a woman. In the evening there were meetings at all the four chapels in the place, and at the Vardre Chapel, where I attended, there was a crowded congregation as early as half-past five for a service announced to commence at half-past six. From 'The Western Mail', 28th December 1904

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