Nebo Welsh Independent Chapel - Hirwaun (1905)

As was the case on Wednesday, Hirwain received to-day a stream of visitors to see the revival, among them being those persons who were present the previous day from London and elsewhere. The meeting at Nebo Chapel was in every respect marvellous. Mr Evan Roberts arrived at half-past three o’clock, to the accompaniment of the strains of “O! dwed gawn i gwrdd yn y Nef?” the refrain of which was repeated again and again, the evangelist confronting the vast audience with a beaming smile. Other favourite hymns followed, during the rendering of which the missioner engaged himself in silent prayer in the pulpit. In a few moments the missioner proceeded to speak upon forgiveness upon the question of absolute freedom in worshipping and the necessity of self-sacrifice one of the lady evangelists drowned his voice in melody by singing “Dim and Iesu.” A striking prayer came from a woman in the body of the congregation which was outside began to sing the hymn, “Tell mother I’ll be there,” in which those who were inconveniently packed in the chapel joined. For fully a quarter of an hour music appeared to swim in and out, till an elderly woman broke in its march by giving a short address. Mr Roberts spoke briefly upon salvation, the best proof of the possession of which, he said, was the readiness on the part of one person to save others. But the real source of salvation ought to be the Church, which was the medium given by God, though it was true that he could save direct. It was, however, imperative not to interfere with the operation of the Spirit through the introduction of sectarianism, which had been too prevalent in religious circles, with the result that the propagation of Christianity had been materially impeded. For an interval of some twenty minutes the audience gave way to song. Following this a boy of fourteen years of age affirmed that he could no longer be silent, for the “fire” within him had failed to remain dormant any more.

From, 'The Western Mail', 19th January 1905.

Additional Information

The chapel looks VERY imposing, but it is deserted. It needs to be resurrected.

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