Mount Zion Congregational Chapel - Hook (1905)

Middle Hill, Hook Middle Hill 14 converts were admitted to church fellowship on Sunday last and three at Hook. At Sardis 15 have come forward for baptism and several at Llangwm Baptist Chapel.

From, 'The Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph', 11th January 1905. The services at Hook are characterised by great enthusiasm and are having excellent results. Last week there was a very affecting scene in the chapel. A Dockyard employee had not been on speaking terms with his cousin, a married woman living in the same locality. Their strained relationship was due to a quarrel among their respective children. The children became excellent friends the next day, but the parents took deep umbrage, church membership ceased, and the quarrel developed into silent hostility. Last week the parties were converted, and as the man walked up the aisle of the chapel the cousin flung her arms around his neck and both kissed .passionately. The scene was a very affecting one, and there was not a dry eye among the congregation. Everyone gave way to emotion. Some tried to start a hymn, but it was useless—the whole congregation wept.

At this church, there have been a total of 31 converts.

From, ‘The Cardigan County Times’, 25th January 1905.

The services are being continued every night at Hook Chapel. Many people walk long distances to be present

at these meetings, at which the greatest fervour in prayer and praise is manifested. Last Friday night the introductory portion of the service was conducted by a youth who had a few days previously become a convert, Nearly 50 people have decided to join the church.

From, ‘The Cardigan County Times’, 1st February 1905.

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