Rehoboth Calvinistic Methodist Church - Llangollen (1904)

Here meetings are attended by a large number of young men, and one night after the meeting, four remained. During the past week, the services have been conducted at all the chapels in the town with ever increasing earnestness and good results. (There were 30 converts reported on 21st January 1905)

From, 'The Wrexham Advertiser', 31st December 1904.

United prayer meetings have been held in this town for six weeks now. The struggle was very hard for the first month. The fifth week came and great things resulted. Converts were received every night from Monday evening to the following Sunday evening, 38 being added to the churches, making the number up to 50 since the beginning of the meetings.

From, 'The Wrexham Advertiser', 4th February 1905.

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