Penygroes Congregational Church (1905)

‘Penygroes, a very unexpected place, became a heavenly resort, and people from all parts poured into this quiet countryside to be refreshed in the Spirit. Tongue can never describe, nor can mind imagine what we saw with our eyes, what we looked upon and what our hands handled in those days ... God’s visitation to this village was like unto a moral earthquake, shaking the neighbourhood to its foundation. Sinners trembled with fear at God’s justice, dreamers were awakened from their spiritual stupor, and lingering prejudice was dealt with at its very roots. At other times it was like thunderclouds bursting forth in abundance of torrential praise and exhilaration, gladness and exhortation; at other times, as the gentle dew distilling quietly until vast congregations were melted into sobs and loud weeping. The burning heat of the Divine presence would sometimes be so intense as to engender a desire to flee away. Congregations were elevated to the heights above by the glory of God, then they were brought down to the depths of humiliation and prostration. The mountains echoed and re-echoed with the praises and acclamations of Zion’s new-born sons and daughters. Homes were changed, people of various stations in life were regenerated, we witnessed the sublime manifestations of the Holy Spirit with ‘tongues of fire’. They were days of wonderment and amazement, bearing as they did the impress of His divinity.’ D P Williams.

From David Pikes' website

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