Saron Chapel - Birchgrove (1905)

The afternoon meeting to-day at Birchgrove was held at Saron Chapel. The meeting was an excellent devotional service, of a somewhat subdued character, and the effect was such as must tend to strengthen the local Churches in the revival work already begun. The sight as I wended my way from the direction of Morriston this evening was a picturesque one, even before reaching Saron Chapel where the service was again held. The building stands on an eminence, and could be seen well lighted up long before it could be reached. On the road were small knots of people discussing the impossibility of finding accommodation in the chapel, and outside it stood a small congregation, who could only catch a glimpse of the evangelist through the open door, and only hear an occasional phrase or two of his address, but to whom the singing was a reality, for they joined heartily in the glorious Welsh hymns. Inside the little chapel was simply packed, and the vestry behind was occupied by some of those who could not manage to work their way into the chapel itself. Mr Evan Roberts dwelt upon the great necessity of realising the love of the Saviour constantly in life, so that people might be filled with the love which made life so different from what it otherwise was. The scenes in the chapel were continued until a late hour, and will long be remembered by all who were privileged to be present. The devotional character of the gathering was unmistakable, and the singing was effective.

From, 'The Western Mail', 9th January 1905.

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