Town Hall - Bridgend (1904)

But when Mr Evan Roberts had left for Pyle and taken with him—that is, they followed him—apparently all the prominent lay and ministerial elements of the place, there were extraordinary scenes enacted at that same Town-hall at Bridgend. Shortly after two o’clock in the afternoon there stood at, the side door of the hall two young men and five young ladies singing the touching lines “Calon lan yn llawn daioni, Perffaith fel y lili dios; Dim ond calon lan all gana, Canu’r dydd a chanu’r nos.” I entered, and found the Town-hall absolutely empty, but, I was quickly followed by the singers, and gradually by people from the street, and to hear and see the service that was conducted by these young people, alone and unaided—except as they were, as they prayed, “directed by the Spirit”—was a sight, which I shall never forget. A working man, who came and sat near me in his working clothes, remained untouched until one of the young women sang. “What a Friend we have in Jesus,” and he cried, “Yes, He is my friend, too,” and the ‘Diolch Iddo’ which resounded through the half-empty hall, must have carried a message to the streets, for the crowd grew and grew until, between half-past three and four, there was a very large audience. Three converts were made, and by the time the visitors had to leave for Abergwynfi one of the preachers from Pyle, after hearing of the gathering, returned and took up the work.

From 'The Western Mail', 23rd November 1904.

Additional Information

TheTown Hall was demolished in 1971.

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