Hermon Welsh Baptist Church - Fishguard (1905)

At Fishguard the number of converts who have expressed a wish to be received into membership total 152, and is made up as follows:- Hermon 76, Tabernacle 52, Pen Towr 24. At Pen Towr the meetings have been conducted more on the line of spontaneous prayer meetings rather than the recognised Revival gatherings.

Tabernacle Chapel lays claim to having started the Revival services in Fishguard, and this church, with the valuable aid rendered by a bevvy of beautiful singers, have drawn crowded congregation night after night.

The total baptised at Hermon during the past month is 100.

From,'The Pembroke County Guardian & Cardigan Reporter', 5th January and 16th February 1905. From, '

Pembroke County Guardian & Cardigan Reporter

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