Capel Bethel Calvinistic Methodists - Tanygrisiau (1905)

Bethel church received 25 new members on Wednesday evening, 19 having also been received previously.

From, 'The Wrexham Advertiser', 11th March 1905.


The revival still continues extremely warmly in Tanygrisiau. Rejoicing often breaks out there. We desire, and are praying for, powerful and blessed meetings. There are approximately 70 new entrants to this church since the beginning of the Revival, and so far they are all very promising. The other day 25 of the seed of the church [? from church families] were also received as full members. The churches of Tanygrisiau, Rhiw, and Bowydd are moving forward to start a new 'cause' between them somewhere central and thriving. It appears a very promising move.

Goleuad, 17th May 1905.

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