Sutton English Baptist Chapel (1905)

On Sunday evening, January 17th, the church at Sutton, commenced holding special revival meetings, which have throughout the whole week. The attendance was exceptionally good, the chapel being full every night, and although there was no fiery burst of enthusiasm, the meetings were pervaded with fervour, reverance and deep religious feeling. Everyone was at full liberty to worship God in the way he or she felt inclined, and doubtless it is to this we are to attribute much of the readiness and freeness with which those present took part. Judging from the results, these meetings have proved the most succesful and beneficial ever held at Sutton, 27 candidates being already before the church, and signs of further increase are not wanting. And believing that another week of meetings would result in another 'shower of blessings' the church has resolved to continue them for at least the present week.

From, ‘The Cardigan County Times’, 25th January 1905.

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