Cernyw Welsh Baptist Church - Corwen (1905)

Rev. H Williams. In reply to your inquiry, I can say that, so far as the revival has affected our church, it has been a great blessing. The same may be said of other churches in the town and district. It is a common sight now to see the chapels crowded at a prayer-meeting. The absent Thomases are once more in their places, where they meet the risen Saviour with His benedictions. The slow of speech have become eloquent, and the timid have grown bold. Those who have been praying in secret for some time venture to pray in public, and the careless and indifferent have been thoroughly roused. Some of us have been expecting a revival for some time and had predicted when it came that it would affect the young people, and so it has. So much that latent power has been developed. Many pledges have been taken, and it is largely a temperance reformation. I believe the utmost care should be taken to guard against the perils connected with the movement. Meetings should not on any consideration be prolonged until very late, and we ought to see to it in time that this new force should be utilised for righteousness and truth. Converts must be directed to desire the sincere milk of the Word, that they may grow thereby.

From, 'The Great Revival in Wales', by S B Shaw, page 96.

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