Blaenannerch Welsh Calvinistic M (1905)

Mr Evan Roberts paid a visit to Blaenanerch to-day, and met with, perhaps one of the most enthusiastic welcomes he has experienced anywhere, not excluding the great centres of industry. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, crowds of people were observable on the roads leading to the Methodist Chapel. All employment seemed to have been set aside, and Evan Roberts was the lode-star. The hour fixed for the afternoon meeting was two o’clock, but for quite two hours before that time hundreds of people assembled at the approach to the chapel waiting for his attendance. They passed away the time by singing “Dyma gariad fel y moroedd” (“Here is Love like mighty torrents”). Vehicles of all descriptions from Cardigangan, Newcastle Emlyn, New Quay, and the adjacent districts arrived in large numbers, and the chapel was well filled at 1.30. The time between the opening and two o’clock was devoted to singing revival hymns and prayer. At two o’clock the service opened with prayer and hymn-singing, hymn following hymn in rapid succession until a thoroughly emotional feeling was apparent. A lady walked from under one of the galleries to the pulpit steps, where she prayed earnestly, and during this hymns were softly sang, the effect being devotional in the extreme. It was getting on for three o’clock when Mr Evan Roberts’s appearance was heralded by singing outside. Entering the chapel, accompanied by the lady evangelists and some friends, he was received with shouts of Diolch Iddo” (“Thanks be to Him”), singing, and prayers. The evangelist at once ascended the pulpit and announced that he was present among them that day because the Spirit of God had told him to be there. Mr Roberts seemed to have recovered from his recent indisposition and was apparently full of his Divine work. After a short address, hymn after hymn was sung, followed by an impassioned address to sinners to be saved. At this juncture a lady in the congregation showed great emotion, and, sobbing, asked for forgiveness. Prayers and hymns were heard from all parts of the chapel, in the midst of which Mr Roberts said, “Someone in this building in making fun.” The prayers of all were at once turned in one direction. One young man stood up and was declared not to be the delinquent. Two others stood up and were pronounced to be innocent of the mockery. The evangelist again prayed and said afterwards that God had been merciful, and had saved the scoffer. Later on earnest appeals were made for confession, concluding with a request that all members of churches and chapels who believed they were saved should hold up their hands. This was followed by another request, that all wishing to be saved should do the same. Again and again the test was put, and on each occasion the numbers increased until nearly all in the chapel appeared to be converted. Again and again peals of victorious harmony broke forth: prayer followed upon prayer and hymn upon hymn. Mr Evan Roberts appeared silent, as if in communion with the Deity. The scenes were very remarkable, and will never be forgotten by those who witnessed them. The service throughout was devotional and emotional in the extreme and lasted three hours. The meeting was renewed in the evening, when similar scenes were gone through. The district was full of excitement, and Mr Evan Roberts’s visit will long be remembered.

From, 'The Western Mail', 14th March 1905.

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