Nebo Congregational Chapel - Bwlchgwyn (1904)

At the invitation of a person from Bwlchgwyn, a number of young men went from Rhos on Tuesday afternoon. They were given access to the Congregational chapel and they held a short Prayer Meeting there. Subsequently, those who had assembled there moved out and formed a procession. They walked through the streets and halted at a suitable corner. Soon a crowd gathered around them and the uplifting time they had was great. Every corner of the village was shaken and though the young men attempted to get home in time for the evening meeting in Rhos they were not allowed. The largest chapel in the place was opened up and in a short time it was overflowing. One of the lads from Rhos caught the breezes, and though there were many much older than the present, and several church officers, he led the service himself. He delivered a fervent address and raised his hearers to a very high pitch. He said afterwards that he did not know what he said but he felt he was given unusual power. The only thing he was conscious of was the congregation shouting "'Amen', 'Blessing', 'Thanks be to him', etc. Following this they had a prayer meeting that was unforgettable. Truly the prayer of the brother in Capel Mawr on Monday night on behalf of Bwlchgwyn had been answered and as a result the place has been aroused by it and the divine fire is burning high there.

From, 'The Rhos Herald', 31st December 1904. The prayer meetings are still being kept on with glorious results. Drunkards, some of whom are caught in open air meetings, become abstainers and old debts are being paid off etc.

From, 'The Rhyl Guardian', 24th January 1905.

Additional Information

Now converted to housing. I am not sure which of the other three chapels in the town was the largest.

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