English Congregational Chapel - Briton Ferry (1905)

Briton Ferry was sorely disappointed but, notwithstanding the revivalist’s absence, very successful meetings were held both yesterday and today. This afternoon there was a very large attendance at the English Congregation Chapel, and the service altogether was a beautiful one. Many fervent prayers were offered on behalf of Mr Evan Roberts and there was a very pathetic ring about the supplications of those who had been converted under his ministrations. Quite a tone was given to the meeting by the beautiful singing of a young woman, the congregation joining in the refrain:- “Hen Jericho Pawr, Yn llwyr ddaw i’r Hawr, Mae’r udgorn yn seinio wrth hon” (“Old Jericho’s walls shall crumble and fall The trumpet around it doth sound”) “Thou knowest how he used to trample down Thy name,” remarked one man as he gave thanks for the conversion of an old acquaintance, and he then went on to pray with great fervour that converts like himself might be enabled to continued to lead “the new and glorious life.” Particularly racy was an address delivered by a working man in the gallery, who was peculiarly happy in the selection of varying metaphors to inculcate the truth which he wished to convey. The speaker’s addressed so aroused the congregation that they burst into song. Hearing prayers being offered for Holland, a native of that country besought the prayers of the congregation especially for himself as he was anxiously “seeking for Jesus.” Prayers were immediately forthcoming and some other Hollanders who were present went to their countryman’s assistance and prayed with him. The evening meeting was exceedingly fervent and was the best of all the meetings. In the course of the proceedings a working man again delivered a very original address, full of most striking metaphors. Hardly less original were the remarks of a veteran, who remarked that, though he “had enlisted in the ‘Army’ over 63 years ago,” he had “not yet been superannuated.” A young lady’s beautiful rendering of one of Sankey’s hymns, “For saving a sinner like me,” was wonderfully effective, people evening clapping their hands with joy at her very expressive intonations. “We have felt the real influence of the Spirit, and we know that the living Christ is present amongst you,” was the testimony of a Hollander. “We take away with us,” he added, “two words of your beautiful language, ‘Diolch Iddo.’” Another Hollander speaking through an interpreter very effectively reach the audience as he declared that not only had he and his companions seen and heard of, but had also received the blessing through the baptism of the Spirit in Wales, and they were determined to carry the blessings back to Holland and extend the boundaries of Christ’s Kingdom over there.

From, 'The Western Mail', 23rd February 1905.

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