Park Place Presbyterian Church - Tredegar (1905)

At the first New Year communion service in connection with Park Place Presbyterian Church, Tredegar, 75 converts were received into full membership.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 7th January 1905.

The concluding meetings of Mr Sidney Evans' mission at Tredegar were the most extraordinary ever held in the town. The largest chapels in the district were crowded afternoon and evening, and there were many desperate struggles to gain admission. On the Friday night, Park Place Chapel was thronged. The fial meeting was held at Saron Chapel. The singing was soul stirring, and many repentant sinners were in tears. A prayer by a lad created a deep impression as with simplicity and fervour he prayed to God to 'smash the hard hearts in the meeting and bind them up again.' During the four days there were about 800 conversions, bringing the total for Tredegar to about 1,100.

From, 'The Christian', 2nd February 1905.

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