Penuel Baptist Chapel - Carmarthen (1904)

'Ministers preach on the revival and prayer meetings have become more frequent and fervent. At Priordy, Water Street, Tabernacle, Lammas Street and Penuel Chapels a series of prayer meetings are being held, and already converts are beginning to pour in. Up until Sunday there were 27 at Penuel, and in a single prayer meeting in Pensarn, ten surrendered to Christ. And what is true of Carmarthen is also true of the surrounding district. Wonderful prayer meetings are being held Llanddowror, Llanstephan and Abergwili, and it is a common feature to find young men and women taking the most prominent part. Compared with the revival in Glamorganshire, it may be said that the movement in Carmarthenshire is less impetuous and exuberant in its manifestations, but no one can doubt that the churches are being steadily and deeply moved, the Spirit's work being most intense and deep.'

From, 'The South Wales Daily News,' 13th December 1904.

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