Brithdir Chapel (1905)

A Brithdir correspondent, writing on the experience there on Saturday night, says - "The usual meetings were held - young men's, open air, and public prayer meetings-and some felt a desire to still further extend operations, and a meeting at 10.50pm was the result. It was held near the station and continued until midnight, the listeners being mainly from the adjacent public-house or club, and people apparently were about retiring to rest. One of the latter, sober and sensible, came forward and expressed a desire for salvation. He was followed by another man in a semi-drunken condition. A request was then made by an outsider that they should adjourn to the chapel. This was done and the meeting continued until 2.00am, with the result that seven others declared for Christ.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 9th January 1905.

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