Soar Congregational chapel - Seven Sisters (1905)

A GREAT DAY AT SOAR. Last Sabbath will be a day long remembered at Soar. The Rev. Edmund Davies gave the right hand of fellowship to 39 new members and 20 were restored to the privileges of the church. The previous month previously, 13 were added to the brotherhood, making a total of 72 during the two months. Excellent, indeed! The minister and the brotherhood are delighted and rejoice greatly at this unusual increase. The fruits of the revival can also be clearly seen in the other churches here. Seion is rejoicing because they have had about twenty additions, similarly, ten new [members] can be counted at Salem. Apart from all this, the churches have been thoroughly awoken. Prayer and praise continue in every chapel, and united prayer meetings for night workers have begun among us. The meetings circulate between the three chapels every morning at ten o'clock and the Spirit is clearly working among us. Praise be to God. To him be the thanks and on His head the crown.

Y Celt 12/1/1905


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