Calfaria Baptist - Gilfach Goch (1904)

'25 new members. Women's prayer-meeting 10 am each day wonderful feature.'

From, 'The South Wales Daily News,' 28th November 1904.

During the past week revival services have been conducted by Messrs Dan Roberts and J L Franklyn (the converted actor) and the Misses Davies and S A Jones at Gilfach Goch. Converts in the village numbered 450 before the mission was opened. The resident ministers and churches joined in the work with great zeal. Extraordinary scenes were often witnessed, strong men and confessedly hardened sinners completely breaking down and weeping. A large number of conversions were reported during the week. As in many other places, an extremely gratifying change in the moral tone of the place has taken place. (I do not know where these meetings were held).

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 4th February 1905.

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