Bersham Colliery (1904)

The men were called out in Bersham Colliery on Thursday straight after going down, because of a defect had been discovered in one of the ropes. The men gathered in the 'eye' and there was no likelihood of them being brought up for some hours. To pass the time one of them suggested they should hold a Prayer Meeting there. They readily agreed to this though many of the men had made no profession. Mr John James, Butcher Street, Rhos, was asked to lead and without hesitation he began to sing 'In the great waters and waves' to the tune, 'Ton y Betel', as the hymn most appropriate to the circumstances they were in. They sang it with special anointing and then one of them was asked to lead in prayer. Several did this and in the dark depths of the pit there was something strange and eerie about it all. Between singing and praying the meeting lasted for some hours. Some were deeply affected. We heard about one who fled back to hide in the works, unable to stand in the presence of the one he had for so long despised. Another elderly listener testified that it was a blessing that the rope snapped in view of the kind of meeting they had had, and as he spoke the bright tears furrowed his black face. For many there was nothing so heavenly during all the meetings of the Revival and, for sure, there was nothing more effectual.

From, 'The Rhos Herald', 31st December 1904.

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