Ebenezer Welsh Baptist Chapel - Cefn-coed-y-cymmer (1904-1905)


The religious revival has extended its influence to Merthyr. There was a memorable scene at a Church meeting held on Sunday night at Ebenezer Welsh Baptist Chapel. After the pastor (the Rev. D. Stephen Williams) had read the second chapter of Acts and made a running commentary on some of the verses referring to the Holy Spirit, there came a sudden outburst of pent-up fervour, and for about two hours the congregation were engaged in singing hymns and offering prayers. Another meeting was held on Friday night, at which there were even greater manifestations of the quickening of the movement.

The 'Weekly Mail' on 26th November 1904


Cefn Boys' Revival Meetings.

Cefncoed, near Merthyr, is full of the revival. Even the children are touched. The other day a number of boys went to their usual playground on Cilsanws Mountain, by the Vaynor-road. For a time they were undecided whether they would play football or some other game. Soon, however, they started singing some of the revival hymns. One boy had a New Testament and read a few verses. Another prayed several others followed. This had occurred several times when one of the local ministers heard of it, and one day the Rev. E. Walter Thomas (Cong.) attended the meeting and formed the lads into a procession and brought them down to Ebenezer vestry, where he conducts a children's service daily, assisted by the Revs. J.H. Davies (B.) and Jacob Thomas (Congl. They now number about 250 boys and girls, and everything is quite spontaneous.

'Evening Express', 7th January 1905.

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The church is now a ruin

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