Coegnant Colliery (1905)

A correspondent at Maesteg writes to a London paper:- The Llynvi Valley, in Mid Glamorgan, is aflame with the revival “fire.” At Maesteg and Nantyffyllon Mr Dan Roberts (brother of Evan Roberts) has been conducting a series of revival services. Hundreds of conversions have taken place; among them being some remarkable cases. Mr David Davies, JP, reports that not a single case of drunkenness was noted in Nantyffyllon this weekend. At the invitation of the management, I went down the Coegnant Pit of North’s Navigation Collieries at Nantyffyllon. Reaching an open space called the Baltic, I saw a strange sight. Hundreds of colliers were gathered together. Some were seated on the ground, others were kneeling, and still others stood in recesses. Without waiting for a leader, one of the men started to sing “Diolch Iddo.” This was repeated again and again. Then several prayed and then again the gallery rang with “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah.” As an old collier prayed in Welsh every head was bowed. He was followed by another, who started singing “There is a Fountain filled with Blood.” This was taken up with vigour, the horses on their way to the workings seeming puzzled at such strange sounds. One of the minors appealed to any of his fellow workmen who had not already done so to make a fresh start. Those who had started to serve Christ raised their lamps as a signal. The meeting then dispersed, the men singing various hymns on their way to work. The manager told me he had not heard a man swear for over several weeks.

From The Welsh Revival Library.

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