St Madog Church - Nolton (1905)

The revival has evidently touched Nolton and Nolton Haven with miraculous results… Those who have had the privilege of witnessing the scenes at Nolton and Nolton Haven and elsewhere have no hesitation in attributing the movement to the direct operation of the third person of the Holy Trinity. For the last ten days the members of the Church of England, Nolton Haven, and those of the Congregational Church, Nolton, have held and continued to hold united prayer meetings alternately, which are being attended by almost every family in the whole neighbourhood. Pathetic scenes which defy description are being witnessed at these assemblies. Elderly persons weeping tears of joy, men and women whose voices were never previously heard in public petitioning at the throne of grace with remarkable facility of utterance, young men and maidens pouring forth their souls in supplication for their relatives, friends and others, with the result that the whole district has been touched and changed. Every day sinners have been brought unto the Saviour, souls are being saved, drunkards have become sober, swearers have become clean mouthed, blasphemers are sitting at the feet of Jesus, singing, ‘Crown Him Lord of all.’ Hovels of misery are already being transformed into little Heavens below. On Sunday last 7 converts were admitted into church fellowship at the Established Church, Nolton, by the vicar, and 25 at the Congregational Church, Nolton Haven, by the pastor. There are also 4 more new inquirers at the latter church.

From, 'The Haverfordwest and Milford Haven TelegraphFrom,' 11th January 1905.

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