Ammanford Christian Temple (1904)

20th November 1904 (Sunday): This has been one of the most remarkable days of my life. Even in the first morning meeting a number were led to embrace the Saviour. In the afternoon the blessing fell upon scores of young people. The crush was very great to get into the chapel. At seven o’clock a surging mass filled the Christian Temple and crowds were unable to gain entrance. The Holy Spirit was indeed among the people. Numbers confessed Jesus, but it is impossible to count.

21st (Monday): We had great blessing this evening. The chapel was full of people and of God’s power. Some most remarkable conversions took place. It is impossible to count. They fly like a cloud of doves to their windows. Many prayed aloud. At one time in the service there was a hush such as I shall never forget. The power at that time was divine. 24th (Thursday): There were at least twenty conversions in to-night’s meeting. It was a most remarkable service. The fire burned with great power. Again the people sang in the streets, and the service went on until nearly midnight, although it was freezing and the snow lay thick on the ground. Diolch i Dduw.

From, Seth and Frank Joshua: The Story of their Wonderful Life Work- T. Mardy Rees (1926).

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