Christchurch Garnant (1904)

The Rev. E. A. Davies (Cwmamman Vicarage): “ In this parish we decided in Advent last to give pour ordinary weekly and Sunday services at Christ Church a somewhat more especially awakening character, and an opportunity was given for any in the congregation to declare for Christ by a simple act of rising to their feet in their places. On the first of these occasions—it was Sunday evening, December 11—I was deeply affected to notice, what I had never before witnessed, viz. no fewer than ten strong stalwart men on their feet in various parts of the sacred building. They were now beckoned to and invited to come forward, which they did—walking through the midst of the large congregation to a place reserved in front of the pulpit. At further weekly and Sunday services similar results followed— though in smaller numbers, such as five, three, two, etc., so that our Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations no less than thirty fresh converts, all most devotional, came forward to their first Communion— some of them having been confirmed many years ago, and others declaring themselves desirous to be confirmed at the next opportunity. At our Mission Church, situate in a busy mining district in the upper part of this parish, similar services had been carried on by the faithful and zealous curate of the C.P.A.S., and he has now the joyful satisfaction to record an addition of sixteen new communicants.”

From 'Church and People' magazine.

Additional Information

The parish was formerly Cwmannan.

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