Spennymoor (1905)

The Revival has been in the North of England for some time now. However, its origins as I said in a previous letter, can be attributed to the reports in Y GOLEUAD. In Spennymoor, the united mid-day and evening prayer meetings in Welsh have been going on since December. And there have been Sabbath evening meetings for a month. There are well over a hundred converts, and there are ten in our little Welsh-speaking church, and some of them were the worst drunkards in the area. However, we expect and believe that there is a great downpour at hand, and they will come by the hundreds. We have here 15,000 who need saving, with hundreds of Welsh people amongst them. But what vexes me is that the English are preceding the Welsh although it started among the Welsh.  Not because I do not like seeing the English come, but because I want to see the Welsh more. But yesterday I had the satisfaction of seeing the Welsh being saved with the English. I was preaching at Wheatley Hill, and there were two young revivalists from Haswell, not three miles away, with the English Wesleyans. And at the end of the Welsh meeting, I went there, and the first thing I had to do was try to help the converts to Jesus Christ, among them a Welshman from Leeswood. The meeting was too fearfully sacred for me to try to describe. 60 came in on Sunday evening, 48 on Saturday, 164 since the beginning of the week. I long to see something similar here, talk of 'emotion' in Wales:  the people of this country, of every nation, are being carried by their feelings, and what wonder, when they see their fellow-men who have been for so long in the nets of sin and Satan being set free, and praising Jesus Christ. I saw wonderful things in Rhos, Wrexham, and Manchester, the week before; but to me the Wheatley Hill meeting was immeasurably greater.  Seeing men and women coming in twos, threes and fours together to give themselves to Jesus Christ. This is not something unique, it has broken our in Northumberland for some weeks, and some places on Tyneside have experienced very powerful things, and our prayer is "Spread and shine, Fire divine, Make this place entirely Thine."

 Goleuad - 24th March 1905.                                                                                                          


Additional Information

I do not know where the Welsh Chapel was.

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