Bethcar Welsh Wesleyan Methodist - Ebbw Vale (1905)

Mr Sidney Evans and his co-revivalists opened a three days' mission at Ebbw Vale on Sunday morning, when a crowded meeting was held at Saron Church, it being estimated that quite 1,000 were present. The proceedings were conducted with the greatest enthusiasm and zeal, and Mr S. Jenkins, whose vocal services have been of great value at these meetings, and Mr Evans took part and appealed to all to seek salvation, to which several present responded and declared conversion. In the afternoon many came over the mountains from Tredegar, Brynmawr, and Beaufort, and there was no room to spare in the English Wesleyan Chapel at 2 o'clock, nearly 1,500 being the estimated attendance so that an overflow gathering had to be arranged at Libanus Church. For several weeks past the spirit of the revival has been very manifest, special prayer meetings have been held at the different churches and up to the present 700 converts have joined the churches. The success of the movement locally is pre-eminently due to the united effort of the Ebbw Vale Free Church Council, and the ground had been well prepared for the visit of the missioners.

The service at the Wesleyan Church opened somewhat formally... The rev gentleman asked all who were on their way to heaven to show hands, the result of which prompted the exclamation "Praise the Lord." Several prayers were offered by listeners for those still outside the Kingdom, for erring sons and daughters, and the meeting became quite fervent… the spirited rhythm was in full swing when Mr Evans and Mr Jenkins, with whom was Miss Watkins, Loughor, entered. "Who will join the ranks this afternoon? Don't stand and look at us going by — come and march along with us," was the exhortation of the missioner. No response, “Well, let’s go a bit further," said Sidney Evans, and again the "Zionward March" was ringing through the church. "Yes,” replied one to the interrogation whether anyone had been praying for someone present at the meeting. "Are they going to be saved?” said the missioner. “I think so," was the somewhat halting answer, and Mr Evans hastened to state that this reply would not do, "I believe so," shouted another hearer, in answer to the query. "That's it," beamingly exclaimed the missioner, “It is no use think but to believe.”

Praise and prayer followed until the meeting was in a most earnest and cheerful mood. "My faith is strong this afternoon that many are coming today” earnestly announced the missioner, after his appeal to dispel any curiosity in himself and accept Christ, Who would satisfy all, not only for now but eternity. An intercession was raised by a man in the gallery for an erring son, "who had gone ever so low.” "Make it too hot with your prayers for any sinner to stop without giving his heart to God," was the suggestion of the missioner, and soon supplications were general. The usual test was put to the meeting, and several were announced from all quarters of the building as having surrendered, the crowded congregation greeting the intimations with hearty praises.

Penuel was packed to overflowing in the evening and a most successful meeting was held.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 16th January 1905.

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