Ucheldre Park - Holyhead (1905)

And now I have to attempt an impossible task – to describe the indescribable. Those who have followed these revival meetings throughout, declare that nothing like it has yet been witnessed, like everything at these meetings. The meeting had been proceeding for three hours, Evan Roberts sitting silent and downcast. Now he suddenly jumped up, and addressing the crowd with flushed face and flashing eyes, said, “Where are you, ye church and chapel going people, ye members of the Christian Church? It is not the world which requires to be conquered, but the church. This place ought to be a blazing conflagration. The powers of darkness have been fighting against us over the last three nights here, and the devil is present in person here tonight. Can’t you professing Christians believe Christ’s promise that He will be with you? I can do nothing, nothing; nothing. I can leave Holyhead with a quiet conscience, but with a wounded spirit and a broken heart.” And then he broke down, crying bitterly, and saying, “O Lord, bend them.” “O Lord, bend them,” in a perfect agony of passion, the tears coursing down her cheeks and his whole frame writhing. And at this a storm, such as has surely never before been witnessed, swept over and through the whole of the immense crowd. Cries ascended from all parts. Strong men broke down and cried like children; women shrieked. The sound of weeping and wailing filled the whole air. Evan Roberts, the while, continued to cry, “Bend them, O Lord! Bend them,” and in the intensity of his agony, he fell prostrate in the pulpit, while many in the crowd fainted.

Then the spirit of prayer descended, and probably 4,000 voices were raised in prayer, a perfect forest of uplifted supplicating hands being visible. At this Evan Roberts got up, and sat with smiling eyes watching this great torrent of prayer, flowing through the park from end to end. Hundreds of men stood entranced with upturned faces, gazing heavenwards, faces upon which others gazed in awed silence. Then up again sprang Evan Roberts, crying joyfully, “Glory be to God, we can now sing and laugh and make merry and rejoice, for unto us a victory has been given. The Christ is triumphant, the devil hath been conquered. See how he fleeth. Praise Him o ye hosts of the Lord; praise and spare not.” And the crowd, carried away by his infectious enthusiasm, leapt to its feet, cheering vociferously, frantically waving hats, sticks, umbrellas, anything to hand, and shouting “Hosanna,” “Halleluia,” “Glory,” “Victory,” “Thank God.” Hundreds knelt on the grass, praising God for the wondrous work He had performed amongst them that night.

(There was then worship and Evan Roberts spoke again)

Then the converts came rolling in from every part of the field, name after name being called out, Evan Roberts greeting each with a joyous laugh and “Diolch Iddo.”

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 24th June 1905.

Additional Information

I think this is the park where the meeting took place.

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