Noddfa Welsh Baptist Chapel - Blaenclydach (1904)

'New members 37, inquirers 17. All the young people of the church are full of enthusiasm and holy fire.'

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 13th December 1904.

Great religious activity prevails in the churches of Blaenclydach. The prayer meetings are full of enthusiasm and religious fervour, and the night workmen's meetings are full of the same characteristics. The women's meetings are largely attended and full of fervour. A united prayer meeting is held once a week. Many converts are enrolled weekly, some of these have been of the roughest kind. Prayer meetings take the place of sermons and are prolonged to a not small extent.

From, 'The Rhondda Leader', 21st January 1905.

Additional Information

A new church is on the site.

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