Mynydd Seion Wesleyan Methodist Chapel -Llysfaen (1905)

THE REVIVAL.—The strange religious fervency now pervading the Principality has nowhere been more pronounced than in this upland parish, the eager desire of the people for religious meetings and opportunities for devotion and worship being simply amazing. Young men group together, and, provided with a candle and a Bible, avail themselves of the clefts of the rocks to hold prayer meetings, and have even entered the chapel at one; o'clock in the morning and remained there until day-break. The moral result of this unwonted fervour in religious exercise is most evident. Drunkenness has decreased, and the vile language, unfortunately so prevalent some months ago amongst the youth, has given way to the singing of Revival hymns, and a general improvement in the habits of the people is everywhere discernible. The several churches report increases in members and general improvement in punctuality and attendance at the ordinary Sunday services. Last Sunday evening the Wesleyan Chapel was crowded with an enthusiastic congregation, who had foregathered to listen to, that energetic and popular preacher, Rev, Tecwyn Evans, and they evinced a deep interest in the practical Christian truths so ably and eloquently proclaimed by the preacher. No abatement in the desire for religious opportunities being observable, we understand that prayer and other meetings will be held each evening for some time to come. The Established Church have, we hear, decided to hold prayer meetings in the Llysfaen Schools, and which, commenced on March 1st.

AT THE QUARRIES.—Prayer meetings are daily held during the dinner hour by the workmen at each of the quarries, and they are characterised by a true spirit of devotion and worship, and ,the moral courage displayed by the leaders and organisers of these meetings is really heroic and grand, and is in itself a vindication of what some, even, now, are inclined to denounce as emotionalism.

From, 'North Wales Weekly News', 3rd March 1905.

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