Carmel Baptist Church - Llanelidan (1905)

Vale of Clwyd. There is no talk of anything but the revival. Prayer meetings are held in the open-air nearly every night of the week, and on Sunday at Ruthin about 300 came together and held prayer meetings... At Pandycapel, Llanelidan and other places the fire is spreading.

From, 'The Wrexham Advertiser', 21st January 1905.


We are a small church in the lower edge of the Merioneth, and Religious Revival influences have felt somewhat widely, abundantly, but they have not yet ended, and we continue to pray, expecting and believing that the Holy Spirit will come yet more powerfully among us. Soon after the Revival broke out, we decided to hold prayer meetings, and we have been on our knees for more than three months, and there is no indication at present that we are giving up. We have had wonderful meetings. Our dear sisters are especially taking part in them, and pulling heaven down in their petitions until we get tempted to ask, ‘Why did this happen', that such bright talents have been hidden for so long from the church… The Rev. W. B. Jones, Penycao, preached here the Friday night before Christmas, and the Rev. E. Williams, Rhos, the subsequent Monday. We were blessed with the divine service of these dear brothers. The fruit of the Spirit is through all our meetings; we have not forgotten the scene Sunday night, February 27th, when the dear pastor, Rev. W. G. Owen (Llifon ) baptised 11, 7 brothers and 1 sister of this church, and 2 brothers and 1 sister of Llanelidan.

17th March 1905, Seren Cymru


Meetings have been held regularly almost every evening except Saturday, since November. The congregations have been numerous for several weeks, and the spiritual heat high – meetings on which the heavenly dew fell heavily. The young people have been particularly faithful to the meetings, and many of them have been abundantly baptised with the spirit of prayer.  At the beginning of February, ten people who had come in since the beginning of these meetings were received as full members of the church. This was a memorable Society meeting in the history of this Church, because of the joy and intensity of feeling shown when we saw our brothers and sisters coming to Zion. A few people have come in since, making the number of converts since the beginning around 14.

Goleuad 19th May 1905. (not sure this is the right church)

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