Seion Welsh Baptist chapel - Morriston (1904)

One may well apply the term “extraordinary meetings” to the great gatherings held at Morriston to-day, for they were remarkable in many respects. It can scarcely be said that Morriston was not prepared for the revival services which are now being held there, for there has been a great upheaval in the place for weeks. The Rev. Emlyn Jones, at the Tabernacle, and the Rev. J, Gimblette at Seion, have both witnessed and taken part in revival scenes, and the ministers and friends of other Churches have been more or less blessed, not merely with the “dew,’’ but with “showers of blessing.” Only last Thursday at Seion no fewer than 110 people were baptised; at the Calvinistic Methodist and Congregational chapels large numbers were on Sunday received into communion. Open-air meetings have been held, processions have paraded the streets, and great work has been done. Yet as the meeting held on Thursday night went on it became apparent that there was a certain “hardness’ prevalent which militated against the highest form of success. From, 'The Western Mail', 30th December 1904.

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