English Presbyterian (CM) Chapel - Dowlais (1905)

Mr Evan Roberts opened his mission at Downlais today. So great were the crowds that it was deemed advisable to refrain from giving any publicity as to where the evangelist would attend; but, not-withstanding this, great crowds generally found out the missioner’s locale and the assistance of several police officers had to be requisitioned to deal with the crush. The great and inspiriting gatherings evidently cheered Mr Roberts, who more than once referred to the fine character of the meetings. The attendance included a large number of people from great distance, among them the Rev. Hugh Black, M.A. of Edinburgh. Lady Wimbourne, who was accompanied by the Hon. Mrs Elliot, also closely followed the proceedings. The morning meeting was held at Elizabeth –street English Presbyterian Chapel. A fervent and deep spirit of devotion characterised the whole of the proceedings. Mr Roberts said that there was worship in that meeting; they had the Spirit with them. The afternoon meeting was held at Gwernllwyn Congregational Chapel, and this rather contrasted with that of the morning as there was not nearly the same spontaneity and responsiveness. It was one of those few meetings, which even Evan Roberts finds it difficult to “melt” – though it is hardly fair to call it a “hard” meeting. It is surprising how expeditiously the evangelist is able to gauge his audience. In less than five minutes after his arrival he had noted the comparative coolness and apathy which prevailed. “There is something wrong in this meeting,” was his very first remark. “I cannot stand it!” he exclaimed. Subsequently, however there was an appreciable transforming process apparent. But the evangelist was not satisfied and adopted the rather unusual course for him of insisting upon the people to stop singing. He then requested them to engage in silent prayer. With bent heads and in absolute silence the big congregation prayed for some minutes. From, 'The Western Mail', 22nd January 1905. The evening meeting was held at Hermon Congregational Chapel, and the crush here was tremendous. Inside the building there was a lack of “fire,” which moved the revivalist to ask for greater fervour, and this had the desired effect for a time. The meeting, however, grew cold, and Mr Roberts proceeded to put on his coat. “Are you going?” he was asked, and he answered “Yes; who can remain here?” He asked the congregation to sing “Lead, Kindly Light,” and the proceedings concluded with the Doxology.

Additional Information

The church was demolished.

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