Congregational Church - Stratford upon Avon (1905)

For the past two or three months, copies of the 'South Wales Daily News' and 'South Wales Echo' have been regularly received by a Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman, who has cut out the revival news and pasted the cuttings into a book, which has been passed round to his friends. This has not been without its effect, and now comes news of the realisation of the hopes that the revival flame would break out in their midst. In accordance with custom, the New Year was opened with a week of special services, held at the various Free Churches in the town. But fired in these services by the accounts of the doings in Wales more earnestness was shown in the proceedings, and instead of the special services being confined to the week, as arranged, the services were continued, and have been held with regularity ever since. The services are characterised by praise and prayer, and some of the meetings have simply been indescribable-very noisy to some people's thinking. Many prominent members of the various churches have been blessed, and many young people of both sexes have expressed conversion. On Thursday in last week at a converts meeting at the Congregational Chapel, 71 names were enrolled. Many more were not able to get there, and have been enrolled since the number altogether being close to 100. The influence of these meetings is spreading to the neighbouring towns and villages.

From, 'The South Wales Daily News', 11th February 1905.

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