Penuel Baptist Chapel - Pencoed (1903-1905)

Much as we rejoice in the present revival which is quickly spreading over our dear land, it is to our comfort and joy to be able to say that the Lord visited us in the same manner locally something over a year ago. P______ church P______ (of which I am pastor) was at that time in a state of cold indifference, the ordinary services being chilly and formal; life and enthusiasm at zero point, and the conversions few and far between. However, one evening in the spring of 1903, some of our young brethren - four in number - were found on the mountain meeting for prayer, and it transpired that they had been doing so every evening for some months. Their one object was to pray for Revival. The brother who discovered them heartily joined them. When the news leaked out the whole church was moved by the thought that her condition was so keenly felt by those who were so young (the brethren who met for prayer were not more than eighteen years of age). Some, it goes without saying, viewed the whole thing with suspicion and disdain, feeling sure it was nothing but a momentary flame, soon extinguished.

Not so, however; the praying on the mountain continued, and those attending increased in number; even those who never entered a place of worship were attracted and remained to pray. And as the numbers increased, so also did the fervour. Presently, the flame reached the whole church, and we were moved with the spirit of prayer and with a passion for souls. In an incredibly short time, the whole neighbourhood was ablaze with the divine fire. On Sundays as many as six meetings would be held; thirty souls on one Sunday coming to the Lord.

Never shall I forget that summer; it was a time of unspeakable joy. For fully six months we continued in prayer every night, and the effect of that blessed time is evident even now when the wave of another general Revival has almost submerged everything. The after-effects upon God's people were very great. Speaking for myself, my own heart and life were searched as never before. Was I fully surrendered to the Lord? The outcome of it all was that I yielded wholly to God, casting away all known sin, and making God's glory the one aim of my life and ministry. What an experience followed! What joy!

From a letter from the Pastor, Edward Thomas to his friend RB Jones that is shown in 'Rent Heavens' by RB Jones. 


Songs, Prayers, and Confessions. 

The revival has taken root at Pencoed.

It will be remembered that a year ago the congregation of Penuel Baptist Church was spiritually moved, a very remarkable revival happening. 

Meetings were held by the young people of the church on Cefnhirgoed Mountain, nearby, all through the summer evenings. Crowds flocked to them from all parts of the district, and many converts were baptised by the pastor, the Rev. E. Thomas. 

But on Sunday evening last one of the most remarkable meetings ever held in the district was continued for two hours and a half. It was the ordinary prayer meeting Sunday of the Church. In the absence of the pastor, it was left open for everyone to proceed as they were moved by the Spirit. The audience at first appeared indifferent and cold. 

But when a brother got up to read Chapter II. of Acts, a remarkable change came. over the audience, some grew pale like death, others wept copiously, and sobs were audible, intermingling with the reading. 

The pleading for the Spirit was marked with much fervour and emotion, the “Amens" at times drowning the voice of the brother leading in prayer. 

Songs, prayers, implorings, confessions, followed. From the big seat to the gallery, all seemed to be deeply moved. It was a memorable sight, old and young intermingling their songs and prayers to the end.

The Evening Express, 22nd November 1904.

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