Seion, Capel y Bedyddwyr - Ponciau (1904)


Saturday, June 25, 1904.

Under the auspices of Seion Baptist Church, Ponkey, a series of revival meetings were held this week. It was intended to hold the meetings on Sunday and Monday only (June 19 and 20) as special preaching services of the church. But the success was so evident that they were extended throughout the rest of the week and their influence continues to pervade the place. Those who ministered were the Rev. Thomas Shankland of Rhyl and the Rev. J. R. Jones (Mab Alltud) of Pontypridd.

The first sermon was delivered on Sunday morning by the Rev. J. R. Jones and during that service some unusual stirrings were felt—evidence that the Spirit was in that meeting. By Sunday night the fervour had risen to a high pitch and at the close it was discovered that two people had been brought to repentance. Because of the evident impact and because of the successful results, hopes for the following day rose very high. The whole of Monday morning and afternoon was full of excitement and it was soon apparent that the fervour had not in the least subsided—wave after wave rose, each of which was gradually growing stronger. By Monday night everyone was melted by the atmosphere and had been brought to that frame of mind that one had every reason to expect revival. The first to preach was the Rev. Thomas Shankland who delivered a sermon full of incontrovertible logic from the last verse of the third chapter of Ephesians. His hearers were brought into that state where nothing more was needed than to reach out a hand to bring many into the Church. He opened their minds, he illuminated their understanding and expounded and reasoned with such power that there was no question but that he would work conviction in those who heard.

When he had finished, the feelings of all were at boiling point. The flood-tide was rising and it needed only a sermon with an earnest invitation in it for a great impact to follow. And that is what happened when the Rev. J. R. Jones rose and took his text from the last three verses of Isaiah chapter 55. The sermon exactly fitted the temperature of the congregation as was seen from the responses heard throughout the chapel. Strong men were seen weeping bitterly and the 'Amens' were breaking out in showers. Who can describe the effect created when he called out at the top of his voice, 'Come in, come in'. The word 'come' was ringing in their ears resulting in many moments of lost sleep that night. There is no doubt that it passed through the chapel like an electric current and that it rose up in a great swell over everybody. The effects were sweeping. The oldest people in the congregation testified that they had never been in a service where the Spirit of God had been working so mightily. For sure, this was a powerful repetition of the revival meetings of 1859. In our district we had never had a meeting comparable in influence since those days.

In the Experience Meeting eight remained behind and it was clearly seen that they were under deep conviction. So great was the effect that it was decided to extend the meetings to Tuesday night and the Rev. J. R. Jones promised to stay and preach. Strange to say, they had just as powerful a meeting that night with the result that seven more asked to be members of the Church of God. On Wednesday and Thursday night, prayer meetings were held and in these the fire burned intensely with victory and blessing following. On Friday the Rev. J. R. Jones is again preaching and it is expected that great effects will follow. The district is deeply moved because of all this and the congregations increase continually. It would need very little to cause the fire of revival to burn as a flame through the place. If all the denominations could concentrate earnestly on this, nothing is more certain than that it would grow so much that it would burn away the moral impurity and religious indifference that is so notable a feature of this age.

Saturday, July 2

The revival continues to increase in intensity and the heat grows more and more fierce. In Seion Chapel last Sunday morning when they were baptising, the congregation was moved by some unusual impulse. After the baptisms were ended an invitation was given to anyone in the congregation who felt convicted and resolved to give themselves to Him who is able to keep. Two came forward to ask for the privilege and they were baptised, on expressing their repentance, by the Minister, the Rev. E. Mitchell. The scene was overpowering and the congregation was utterly prostrated. Instead of songs of praise everyone throughout the place of worship— old and young—had faces bathed in tears of joy. Praiseworthy weeping drowned the sound of'Amens' and 'Hosannas'. Services were held in Seion throughout the week and were led by the Rev. Charles Davies, Cardiff. Despite the sunny weather, the house of worship was full every night and all natural discomfort was forgotten because of the spiritual heat. The preaching of Mr Davies was effective and on the three nights that he ministered four new ones came to the Experience Meeting.

From, 'The Herald'.

70 were added to this church from the beginning of R B Jones' meetings in November to the end of January 1905.

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The chapel is derelict.

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