Salem Calvinistic Methodist Church - Penmachno (1905)

There is hardly a country place in Wales where the revival has had such a hold on as at Penmachno. Prayer meetings are continued until the early hours of the morning. These meetings are often held in the streets of the village at 12.00am at night by the young men of the community. On Thursday week four prayer meetings were held and 16 accepted Christ, which makes the total up to Saturday evening, 50. From, 'The Wrexham Advertiser', 11th February 1905. One good effect that has followed the present religious revival here is, as in other places, that the various sacred buildings are crowded each night, and the public houses are nearly empty. Prayer meetings are also held in the alms-houses of the parish and in the quarries... At the Calvinistic Methodist chapel on Wednesday night 25 were received into full membership, and there are more yet to be received next Wednesday at the C.M. chapel.

From, 'The Wrexham Advertiser', 25th February 1905.

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