St Cynog's Church - (1904)

The Rev. E. Glanley(Rector) Ytradgynlais: Through the influence of the Revival upon the Established Church in this parish we have already received back into the fold about sixty backsliders and twenty-seven new members, and the number of scholars in our Sunday Schools has considerably increased. The Revival has also stimulated Church activity in different directions; members of the Church have been roused from spiritual lethargy and show greater readiness to work in God’s vineyard, and are most desirous of getting more frequent opportunities for spiritual exercises; the clergy have granted them their by arranging additional meetings to as great an extent as possible. There has been prayer for the last six weeks held every evening throughout the week, also on Sunday mornings before the regular services begin, and the Bible Classes have doubled in number. The effect of the Revival upon the morality of the parishioners has been truly wonderful. The greatest drunkards have become sober, swearers pray, and Sabbath-breakers attend places of worship. I can testify in the words of Scripture when St. Phillip preached to the Samaritans, ‘And there was great joy in that city.’ It is the same in this parish; there is great joy over so many sinners repenting and so many men and women turning to the Lord.’’

From 'Church and People' magazine.

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