Abergwynfi (1904)

From Pyle to Abergwynfi Mr. Evan Roberts went on Saturday evening, and was there joined by the young men from Loughor and the young ladies from the Bridgend Town hall meeting. The crowded congregation was not as sympathetic at first as might have been anticipated, knowing how the people of the adjoining district have been caught by the “fire” of the revival; but as the time wore on there were remarkable scenes of excitement and enthusiasm. Mr. Evan Roberts appealed for active workers in the Churches. He declared that God does not want idle people. “Are you not prepared,” he asked, “to take off your coats?” and immediately a young collier in the gallery got up and actually pulled off his coat, which he threw upon his seat, declaring himself ready for work. The incident created great excitement, and was the means of arousing several others to respond to the call figuratively, though not so literally as the young man already mentioned. Seeing the Abergwynfi meeting in full swing, after counting 27 converts, Mr. Roberts and his party proceeded to Abercynon. From 'The Western Mail', 23rd November 1904.

Additional Information

The place marked is the most likely chapel.

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