Bethania Welsh Congregational Chapel - Abercynon (1904)

The afternoon meeting was held at Bethania Welsh Congregational Chapel, and it was speedily filled. An overflow meeting was held in the schoolroom beneath. This meeting was quite different from the one in the morning, not characterised by the same stirring scenes. The fame of the evangelist attracted a tremendous crowd in the evening to Bethania Chapel. At that time there was a surging mass outside endeavouring to gain admission, but during the opening prayer, a deep silence prevailed both in and outside the chapel. Then a hymn was sung, in the rendering of which those outside joined. An overflow meeting was again held in the schoolroom. Among those present were a large number of people who had come from the Rhondda, Pontypridd, and other places. The stirring incidents which occurred during the morning meeting were repeated, a considerable number of conversions taking place.

From 'The Cardiff Times'.

Additional Information

The chapel has been demolished, there are now flats on the site.

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