Bethshan House of Healing - Green Lanes, Boardman (1882)

This is an account of the opening of probably the first Healing Rooms in the nation.

Dedication of Betshan House for Healing

On Wednesday, May 10, more than one hundred persons assembled together at 10, The Terrace, Green Lane, Canonbury (close to the Wesleyan Chapel) to unite with Dr and Mrs Boardman, and Miss Murray in dedicating this house to His service and his glory.

The Lord Himself was with us, and drew out the hearts of many in believing prayer, that the primitive holiness and power of Christ's church as in Apostolic times might be revived. Addresses were given by Drs Boardman, McKillian and others. Some precious testimonies were also given to healing, both spiritual and physical, which had already been experienced at Bethshan and elsewhere.

A sister from Tunbridge Wells said that she had been a sufferer from spine, heart and other diseases, but had been enabled during a few days residence at Bethshan to accept Jesus as Healer of spirit, soul and body, and she could say she was healed.

A brother from Dorking said that just a fortnight ago he arrived at the house, so ill with consumption that the doctors could do no more for him; he could hardly climb up the steps. But at the tea-table that same evening he felt the power of God in the house. His soul was greatly blessed and in a few days he was well...

A sister from Germany testified to restoration, after seven years complete powerlessness from severe spinal disease, during which time she could endure neither sound, light or movement. God first brought her soul into liberty, gave her consciousness of the power of the cleansing of the blood of Jesus, and then in one moment healed her body.

A brother named Brown, who had been a confirmed drunkard for 25 years said that he first received hope of salvation from a Christian man accosting him and calling him brother. He came to Jesus for salvation from sin, and God healed him of his past. But the drink was not overcome and he went again to the Lord, saying, 'Thou hast saved my soul, deliver me for this desire for drink.' and God did it...

From 'The Christian Herald', May 17, 1882. 

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I do not know where the Terrace was, but it was close to where marked I hope.