Wellingborough - Salvation Army (1874)

IN our last we asked for prayer for Wcllingborougb, and we are happy to say that prayer has not only been offered but answered. Things looked very dark then, but, praise the Lord, He has manifested His goodness towards us in a very wonderful way.

Sunday, 15th, was a day of power in the open air; sinners wept and trembled while we spoke to them of a Saviour's love and at night the Holy Ghost fell on the assembly and all over the place conviction seized hold of the hearts of sinners and ten professed to find peace.

On Sunday the 22nd we were favoured with a visit from Mrs Booth.

She preached in the Independent Chapel. The people crowded to hear her and the word was with power.

On the following Tuesday, Mrs Booth preached again when others professed to obtain salvation through the precious blood. A poor man, who cannot read but who, since his conversion, has been regular at our meetings and at the Bible class says, "Though I can't read the Book I can read my title clear to mansions in the sky.

On the following Sunday Mrs Booth (though very weak in body), at our earnest solicitations took our last service in the Corn Exchange, and delivered a most powerful discourse.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', May 1874, page 147.

This little vineyard never flourished more than at the present time. Our friends have been richly baptised with the Holy Ghost. Oh, hallelujah for this fulness! A full fountain, full pardon, full peace, full joy, full hope, full heaven on earth; this fulness has made us full of prayer, full of faith, full of zeal and send us into the open air after undying, perishing souls. We have through the winter scoured the highways, courts and alleys of this town. There is very little opposition, the authorities are in our favour, the people have an ear to hear and follow us from street to street. There are few vehicles in the streets here on the Sabbath, so that we can pitch our stand, form a ring, and preach Jesus in any part without obstruction. Church people, Methodists, Independents, Baptists, and others, listen to our words and join in our songs, as well as drunkards, sabbath-breakers, infidels, swearers, and the lowest men and women in the town. We often have 500, and from that to 1,000, people in our procession, filling our halls and sometimes being obliged to send large numbers away unable to gain admitttance. We could easily fill a hall twice the size.

There have been nearly two hundred anxious souls.

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', April 1876, page 94.

Miss Stride commenced a fortnight's special services here, and it has proved a great work indeed. Tho fortnight was extended to a month. Very many precious souls have wept their way to Calvary, and are now rejoicing in the pardoning love of God, while believers have been quickened and blessed. All our meetings have been attended by the mighty power of God, and the word spoken by our dear sister has indeed been quick and powerful. The very crowded services have made us long that our hall were twice the size, and we have been asking the Lord about this matter.  

From, 'The Christian Mission Magazine', January 1877, page 21.

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