Rotherham - Salvation Army (1878)

This is a monthly report from the Salvation Army station here. The person who opened the station walked out.

QUR readers are aware that here we have had slanderings and divisions and all manner of evil works. The flock, over which only so short a time back we rejoiced with unspeakable joy, has been deceived and scattered. And first, Sisters Atkinson and Smith and, since then Brother Wilson and his wife, with the remnant that remained faithful to the army, have had almost to re-commence the work. But nowhere and under no circumstances have the vitality and force of our principles and measures more strikingly asserted and proved themselves. In simplicity and trust and confidence in God our comrades have gone in for victory, and they have had it, AND THEY HAVE HAD IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. We give some extracts from reports forwarded to us day after day. The first Sabbath after the arrival of our brother and sister is thus reported by Mrs Wilson, whose husband had not arrived: -

Dec. 30th.- We had a glorious day yesterday. It has done me good. I took the lead of the meetings myself and I went in hammer and tongs. Six souls. Sister Smith is ill; must have rest.

Dec. 31st.- Glorious time last night; I2 souls; expect more tonight. Every corner filled; some had to go away; could not get in. Sister Smith is better. Shall be glad when my husband comes, it is hard work, but praise Goel

He gives me strength.
Jan. 2nd We are having glorious times; Place packed; many could not get in. Fifteen souls on Sunday, and ten last night. Scores in pickle. Glory be to God!

Jan. 3rd.-Ten souls last night; the place was packed.

Jan. 6th. -Telegram said, "House crowded; thirty-one souls; lot could not get in. Two pounds nine and ninepence. Going ahead. Eighty-nine souls this week."

Jan. 7th.-Every night hundreds go away; the stairs all crowded; we shall have to·get a bigger place.

Jan. 11th.- Twenty-six souls this week, so far. Two dear young men came to our house last night after  11 o'clock. They wanted to find salvation, we prayed with them and glory be to God, they found it and went home happy in the Lord.

Jan. 15th.-We are still going ahead; we had a good time on Sunday; seven souls; and on Monday fourteen souls. Glory be to God.

This is a record of salvation work and no mistake. In the last letter our brother speaks of opposition from the roughs. They cannot expect the devil will let them altogether alone. They will have need of patience. We know they have courage. 

From, 'The Salvationist', February 1879, pages 38-9.

This move of God was destroyed by division in the Army here.

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I do not know where the meetings were held.

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