King's Lynn - Salvation Army (1879)

This is the first monthly report from the Salvation Army station here.

A SENTENCE in our last announced that we have opened in this town. Our expectations were not the most sanguine, though Brother Edmonds, who had made the arrangements for buildings, was very hopeful and said that the whole town would be moved.

And it has been even so. Sister Parkins arrived alone on Saturday, June 21st, took her stand on the following morning in the open air, singing, praying, and exhorting till too weary to do more, and then conducting services in the afternoon and evening in the Music Hall, about 300 being present in the afternoon and the place full at night. Two souls sought mercy.

On Tuesday morning we received an urgent wire asking for help, and with the pleasing intelligence that the Foresters' Hall, which we have taken for week-night meetings, was too small for the crowds coming to the services.

Writing on the 27th, Captain Parkins says: -

"Victory is ours. The Foresters' Hall is of no use to us. Monday night crowded to suffocation, and people crying for mercy all over the Hall, but I could not get to them, neither could they get out to the penitent form but some got saved and thanked God aloud for what He had done for them. Hallelujah."

"Tuesday night, worse than ever. I could scarcely move for fear of treading on the people. As my strength was nearly gone, I threw the meeting open.

The Wesleyan minister helped."

"Wednesday, had the loan of the Tabernacle schoolroom, where 700 crowded in. No souls, but conviction all over the place. I asked the respectable people to keep away from the weeknight meetings, that I might get about the work I had come to do."

"Thursday, Grand. Place crowded with poor people. Four Souls. Hallelujah.''

"The Wesleyan minister, who has been a great help to me, has got the permIssIon of the trustees to let us have a mission chapel in the midst of 5,000 people who never go anywhere. Sister Dakin arrived." 

We hurried another sister to the front and the work continues gloriously to advance in all directions. The offer of the chapel was accepted and it was filled the first night, and of course, the meetings go on now in both places. On June 30th, Sister Parkins reported as follows:-

"Since I wrote you, we have had souls saved at every meeting, hallelujah.
Four Friday; four Saturday; Sunday morning, 7 o'clock, three; afternoon, two; night, seven. I closed the meeting twice, then from I2 to 16 children came out boldly without being asked for Salvation. Praise the Lord.

"I have just heard of one of them going home to his mother and throwing his arms around her neck and asking her to forgive him, for Jesus had.

"Could you send me another lass?"

Sister Doyle was ordered up from Boston, and the three are now leading the attack with increasing victory. The whole town is what we want. Lynn for Jesus. The King shall have His own again. Pray for


From, 'The Salvationist', August 1879, page 206.

What is it that makes our hearts peculiarly thrill with joy when we find the vilest and worst, publicans, harlots, and thieves, flocking into the kingdom of God? Truly we had much of this joy at Lynn. There they were on the platform to greet us as we stepped from the train; in the meetings with faces all radiant with heavenly joy; out in the market-place testifying before workmates and old companions; marching in processions gazed on by half the town -for truly on Sunday evening the people lined the streets and came out to look and listen as at election times. There they were - men and women who had been notorious for wickedness, and who have become doubly notorious by their remarkable conversion.

---Oh, the joy-the heavenly joy- of this people! and their zeal for the conversion of their old comrades, and their love for each other, and their gratitude to God! Surely that Sunday in King's Lynn was as one of the days of heaven on the earth.

From a report by William Booth, 'The Salvationist', September 1879, page 228/9.

THlS town has had a royal visit from the Lord of lords and King of kings. There has been a great awakening and trembling, and turning to the Lord. Whole families have been saved, and, with one or two exceptions, whole courts have sought salvation, and joined the Army. It is grand to see and hear these men and women testify for Jesus, who were once so bold for Satan, and forward to do evil, but now are valiant soldiers of Christ, and praying for the salvation of all Lynn. Sunday night, the Hall was so densely crowded that we were obliged to order the doors to be closed at once. The heat was intense, but the Holy Spirit was there, and the only fainting that was done was the right kind- the fainting under the burden of sin at the feet of Jesus. I asked for volunteers, and one woman in the centre of the building rose and came to the front. Others followed and soon the cries and groans of the penitents filled the Hall. Husbands and wives, sons and daughters, seeking pardon together. Oh, Hallelujah! that was a blessed night. Three feathers were taken out on the spot, and we broke up, singing "Anywhere with Jesus."

Our holiness meeting will never be forgotten. About a hundred of our own people got down before the Lord, besides sinners, for a clean heart. Oh, there was some heart-searching done that night. Our people did plead with tears and groans for a holy heart. To get this blessed washing they did all things forego, and He ''who is of purer eyes than to behold evil, and cannot look upon iniquity," drew near, and nearer still. He spoke, "Wilt thou be clean?" "I will," answered scores of hearts, and He touched us. Oh, yes; no mistake-no doubt about it- He touched us. Jesus of Nazareth passed by, and looked upon our yearning, willing, waiting hearts, and He touched us clean, first one and then another, and they all arose to sing another new song.

Oh, glory to Jesus, we have had another meeting since that, and it was better still. More sinners, and some of the Lord's own, who had been in great distress of soul during the week, got gloriously through. Some got a peep into the glory land. Oh, yes, it is getting better- better-better.

Every night the small hall is crowded out. We must build at once. All this corps needs is room, room, room. The open-air processions are simply grand; they are a sight for the angels to rejoice over. Jesus leads His people on to certain victory.

From, 'The Salvationist', September 1879, pages 259-60.

THE work here rolls on gloriously. Our soldiers fight well; it is especially pleasing to hear them sing. Not only in Lynn but for miles around the town it is well known that a marvellous work has been done and is still going forward. Many and mighty victories have been won.

...The Lord is saving on the right hand, and on the left, one man, out of a gang of 10, who was a dog fancier, became convicted. At first he had a sharp controversy about giving up his "ferrets," &c., to which he was much attached, but he decided, gave them up, got saved, and joined the Army, and now eight out of the 10 are saved, and the other two, I hear, under conviction.

...All Lynn for Jesus! We must not rest short or that. We are about to build here, and at once. I said in our last that "All this Corps wanted was room." The Lord is going to give us room!

From, 'The Salvationist', November 1879, page 297/8.

For future reports look at 'The War Cry' which began January 1880.

We are going up. Hallelujah! The 99th in “Blood and Fire“ boys are going in for God and precious souls. On Tuesday night we had the best assembly we have had since we have been here. Soldiers all on fire. 83 gave their testimonies in one hour. We have had good meetings throughout the week and precious souls have worked their way to Calvary. Sunday was grand; 42 present at the 7 o’clock knee drill. Open-air meetings good. Barracks crammed all day. At night, brother W Lane gave his farewell to the people of Lynn on leaving for the Training Home. He urged the people to turn from sin and at the close four left the ranks of Satan and listed in the army of King Jesus. We have had 11 souls in the week.

From, 'The War Cry', November 1881.

These are just a few examples of what was happening here. More reports can be seen from the War Cry in future years.

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I do not know where the Music Hall was.

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