Kilham - Salvation Army (1880)

Scores of people will have to bless God that ever the Salvation Army came here. Captain Thompson and Lieutenant Jones are being used by God in doing a grand work; they have been here five weeks and about 100 souls have been set free through the blood of Jesus. The place is all excitement and some of the blackest sinners have come to the Cross and have obtained salvation. Praise the Lord. Others are awakened and we are expecting mightier things to be done. Yesterday was a grand day. We felt the Baptism of Fire throughout the day. The hall was packed in the evening and many unable to get in. We have inscribed upon our banners “the World for Christ“. People that once used to laugh have begun to pray and others to look on with amazement and wonder at what the Almighty is doing. We go in for a full salvation and many have given all up for Christ. May the baptism still rest upon the whole, until every house in the place and every person shall make a full surrender to Christ.

From, 'The War Cry', October 1880. 

Glory be to God the Army is marching along in grand style here. Every Sabbath day finds us improving. We have a grand staff of men who are prepared to go in the front of the battle with the determination to wage war against the Devil's kingdom, until the prisoners, whom the Devil has held captive so long, are set at perfect liberty. During the last five weeks about 130 have left the enemy's ranks and have come over to the side of King Jesus. Praise the Lord. And when we remember that this is only a country village, with about 1,400 inhabitants, we think it is a glorious work and leads us to think that in the past our dear country people have been neglected, if not forgotten. Will any whose minds are prejudiced against the Salvation Army, come and hear the grand testimonies given by men who were formally the terror of the village? If they will, we are sure their prejudice will take its flight. The hall is crowded to excess. Our Free and Easy's are something grand. Our Holiness meetings on Friday nights are full of power. Minds once prejudiced are now sound and we have gunners from all rights, both Wesley and Primitive local preachers, who fire red hot shots into the enemy and bye and bye the walls of the Devil's kingdom will fall with a mighty crash and we shall ride triumphant over the ruins and shout victory, victory through the Blood of the Lamb.

From, 'The War Cry', October 1880.

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I do not know where the meetings were held.

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